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Jeannie's Love of Cooking Personal Chef Service provides you and your family a stress free solution. The concept of a personal chef is very simple. Jeannie's Love of Cooking Personal Chef Service makes it easy for you to have a delicious home cooked meal. Everything from menu planning, to grocery shopping, cooking, and clean-up, Jeannie's Love of Cooking assembles a menu of entrees and side dishes based upon your food preference and dietary needs. Although the meals are prepared in your home, all the utensils and equipment that are needed are brought in to prepare your meals. You need only to provide the refrigerator and freezer space.

After preparing your meals, each package is labeled with each entree and side dish with thawing and reheating instructions. You come home to a refrigerator and freezer full of food and wonderful aromas from your kitchen!

Jeannie's Love of Cooking Personal Chef Service is your answer to providing great tasting, healthy and affordable meals in the comfort of your home without the daily grind of shopping and cooking.

Jeannie's Love of Cooking also provides Vacation Chef services! Vacationing in the Mid Columbia area is a time to relax and enjoy! Take in the beauty and sports activities of our beautiful area. Enjoy all of the sites that our area has to offer, without the burden of fighting the traffic to the grocery store. Chef Jeannie will welcome you to your vacation home with a refrigerator full of delicious dinner meals ready for your enjoyment. You won't have to spend that extra time waiting for a table and your meals every night at a restaurant.

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