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A few thoughts from our clients....

"I am a full time ER physician mom with two toddlers, 18 months apart. My husband is also a full time physician. Needless to say, our lives are very busy! Eating healthy is a big priority of mine. After the birth of our second daughter, I was struggling with trying to cook and feed my family while caring for our girls. We found ourselves eating out way too much, which is delicious but far from being healthy and budget friendly. Jeannie came into our lives and immediately gave me back my time and provided us with healthy and delicious meals. We eat out less and in the end save money. Without Jeannie, my transition back to working full time would have caused much more stress and anxiety. Knowing that my family would still be eating well, I felt more prepared to resume working full time again. We especially enjoy Jeannie's quinoa bites, breakfast muffins, grilled tri tip, baked apple oatmeal, kale salads, and soups! BBQ meals are also a big favorite of ours. My husband has repeatedly joked, "Jeannie keeps us alive!" Our girls look forward to Jeannie's monthly visits especially since she brings them a treat! We are so grateful to have had Jeannie provide us with such a delicious and convenient service and will miss her dearly."
Busy ER Physician

"Jeannie was our personal chef for our large family for about 18 months. She was wonderful! We have had several services/personal chefs over the years and Jeannie was by far our favorite and best! She makes family friendly, comfort foods that everyone liked, even my kids agree. From her BBQ offerings, to her spaghetti (kids fav) to her wide assortment of casseroles, delicious meats and seafood, we were always satisfied. Jeannie is terrifically accommodating and very organized. Each dish is clearly marked with heating instructions. I only wish I could ship her out to us in Utah, because I have not found anyone to compare to her. Thank you Jeannie for all your tremendous help to this busy mama..."
~ Juleen

"You were awesome, delivered everything we expected and more. Tables looked great, the food was awesome, and the extras you said would be there were there, on time and in place. The dinner itself was great, lots of compliments. I liked the Halibut the best, and I lived in Alaska and am picky about my fish! Thanks for helping to make our special day better."
~ Tim and Rachel

"We loved the soup! The turkey loaf was the best ever and we loved the pesto bread. Everything was really good!!!"
~ Kathy

"Thank you so much for the best BBQ we could have imagined at our wedding. You made it so easy and stress free, and are such nice people. Everyone complimented the food and we are so thankful."
~ Ashley and BJ

"Thanks for a great catering experience. The food was awesome and our guests are still talking about it three months later!"
~ Tami and Mark

"I think I just had the best smoked turkey of my life! No surprise there... I have been so delighted with all of the other things you have prepared for us. I just wanted to say thank you for all the love and expertise you put into everything that you do. It's rare."
~ Tita

"Jeannie's service has been especially valuable when neither of us has time to go grocery shopping or cook. We save money by eating out less often, and we're eating healthier, too."
~ Julie & Ajay Jindal

"Jeannie's Love of Cooking - What can I say? Chef Jeannie took my ideas for a family gathering, added her great suggestions of menu choices, and the event was an incredible success. Delicious! Superb! Everyone had a wonderful time! I give credit to Chef Jeannie's professionalism, easy manner, and flexible style."
~Teresa L.

"We have been enjoying Jeannie's Love of Cooking for over two years now and it is hard to find the words to express our complete and utter satisfaction with her services. It is like Christmas every month when she arrives, cooks and leaves our refrigerator full of delicious fresh and frozen meals.We feel like a kid in a candy store when we get home and start checking out everything she has prepared for us. The food is always delicious and it makes the job of serving a meal so easy and the clean is fast."
~ Ron Cohen & Christie Smith

"The Salmon glaze is delicious, especially with the Bok Choy underneath the salmon. Maggie's daughter Gretchen says that the lasagna is the best lasagna she has ever eaten. We agree!"
~ Peter & Maggie

"Our first experiences have been terrific! It has been good food and a fun experience. We would recommend the citrus grilled pork meal, which was rated excellent by both of us, the French baked chicken, the peppered herb biscuits, the white chicken chili....."
~Jeff and Polly Carter

"Sally and I want to thank you for your timely service, wonderful menu choices, willingness to match dietary needs, sunny disposition, and excellent business communications. I recommended your services to another friend last weekend!"
~Bruce Howard

"I simply can't say enough good things about Jeannie's Love of Cooking. From the very first month, Jeannie has done such an outstanding job of preparing meals for me and everyone I know, that we would feel deprived if her business wasn't here in the Gorge. You can tell right off that Jeannie loves what she does and if you ever had a chance to eat what she prepares, you would definitely count yourself very lucky."
~ Judie Hanel

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